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At Manzo Digital Forensics & Investigations (MDFI), we provide unbiased consultation and digital forensic examination services to our clients who include prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement agencies, private investigators, civil litigations, private corporations and individuals. 

The MDFI team shares nearly 60 years of law enforcement and military experience. Our examiners have analyzed thousands of devices while conducting hundreds of digital forensic investigations during a combined 24+ years as Senior Level Digital Forensic Examiners for the government. 

With each case, we ensure all available digital data was recovered and reported accurately. In addition to case consultation, we conduct independent and thorough analyses of computers, mobile devices, storage devices, cell tower records, call detail records, GPS data and more. 

We understand what's important to both sides of the bench and we present our findings in a way that's easy to understand. Our findings are defendable and based off currently accepted digital forensic tools, techniques and training.