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    Tax update

    Posted in: Family Law

    Hi all- Just a quick update on the tax situation. The final version of the tax bill that is going to vote next week (and is very likely to be signed into law)   repeals the alimony tax deduction. However, unlike many of the other provisions of the bill, ...

  • Posted in: Elder Law

    Talk to Amanda Rundle, 802 885 4555 who was successful with the the extinguishment of a right of reversion in a town in S. Vermont ------------------------------ William Dakin, Jr. Dakin & Benelli, P.C. Chester VT (802) 875-4000 ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Property Law

    John: In those situations I always do a 2-step transfer, putting spouse on the deed first, then both conveying by ELED and reserving to themselves.  I think you are more likely to get the TbyE protections that way. And it seems cleaner. If you don't ...

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