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    Good afternoon Tracy, The landlord/tenant statute permits you to state multiple grounds for termination in one notice of termination  Section 4467(i).  If a landlord/tenant relationship has soured, I will send a notice that states both a 14-day notice ...

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    Hi All, I have an odd situation involving a rental property. Situation is as follows: Landlord made an oral agreement with tenant that if she paid the quarterly taxes, she could rent the home. She's been there about 7 years and maybe paid for ...

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    yes --- Ernest Tobias Balivet, Atty. Reid & Balivet 57 Park Street PO Box 114 Danville, VT 05828 802-684-3666 [fax] 802-684-3696 The contents of this message and all attachments are privileged and confidential and intended for the named recipient(s) ...

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